Introduction Adventure

Hand out #1

2529 Mittherbst (Autumn equinox)
Finally arrived to this village. My old talented student Renata was right. A place like this should be excellent for researching. These people need a doctor which make the work easier. I saw her potential nine years ago when first entered my lecture. A soft and gentle with a great wish, erase all diseases in the world. What a waste if she had continued that road. It was a wise choice to let her into my lord worship and the power that he has. Never thought the apprentice would outgrow her mentor.

2529 Mondstille (winter solstice)
The bandits I hired don’t ask any questions why collecting children. There is no risk anyone will miss them anyway. The basement are secured none can hear them screaming.

2530 Mittfruhl (Spring Equinox)
Finally a breakdown and the new suppliers arrived from Middenheim by the messenger. It will help too extend the time for a subject to be infected and continue spreading the disease. From 2 weeks to 3 weeks.

2530 Pflugzeit (Ploghtide)
The elf controller has isolated himself in his cabin since he arrive. Only making a couple of rounds each week. He is showing his disgust for being here openly. He will sure get a real surprise when I finish my work.

2530 Sommerzeit (summertide)
I think the last ingredients are in place, I got two more children too try the potion on. If everything goes well I will start spreading the disease among the sick people here. Then I need to send the results to Klaus Orloeb in Middenheim. So he can start his preparations and produce enough for the festivale.

2530 Geheimnistag (Day of mystery)
God praise me! The first subject was infected with the disease threedays ago and already spread to three other persons. They started to show the beginning symptoms of the disease. My estimation is that the village will be gone in around 5-10 days.

Hand out #2
Diary Report: 12

VorgeHeim, Aubenstag

Dear Auralion,
The Dr Zahnmeister are strange and have the last week secured himself in his cabin. He has started to smell even more bad than I first meet him. However donĀ“t matter as long he and the rest of the villagers stay out of my business. According to what the Dr said he used to teach botanic and healing at University of Nuln. Thereafter he moved to Marienburg to educate himself about new plants imported from the new continent.
I urge you to send someone to Nuln and check his backhistory something is not right with him.

My opinion are the village should be razed. We should force the humans back to where they belong. They insult these lands by cutting down old trees and using it as building materials. It was good that you Lord Auralion convinced the council and the queen that it were not possible to be allied them more. From my perspective are that humans never learn and should be chased away once and for all._

Introduction Adventure

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