Chapter Two

Handout 4:

Brothers you know what to do. I will not be able to join you in the glorious name of our Lord. The business in Nuln has not gone well. Our hideout has been destroyed by opponents. As it look now they have the upper advantage in Nuln. If I fail cult of pleasure will have a strong position for even our Lord when the final hour arrives. Brothers by the order of our chose one you will release the disease without me. If you are successful all travellers during the festivale have the chance to be infected and spread the sickness further outside Middenheim.

The chosen one’s messenger has ordered me start over and produce a new supply. It will take me several months to gain a new supply of disease before being able spreading among Nulns population. To speed up the progress I have made a deal with the not trustful underworld beast-men. They are skilled in our art and we both have Nuln as a common enemy at the moment we need each other.

Klaus Orloeb

Nuln 2530
Vorgeheim Bezahltag 6

Handout 3:

The seeress will arrive Middenheim during the festivale, staying at Sigmar temple. When the festivale ends she will be escorted to Altdorf.
Take her before leaving Middenheim and bring her to our hiding place in Industrial platz. It is important that cult of Pain don´t know we have her. If master of pain get the information they will take her and bring her to the chosen one, gaining her favour.
As it is now the faction of Master of pain’s followers gaining more and more influence at the chosen one’s side specially since destroying our enemies base in the sewers.
After you getting back to Nuln visit me at the Gallery of beauty for planning the next step. Give the necklace with the skull to the assistant to identify yourself. It will be a nice to meet each other in person for the first time.

Nuln 2530
Nachgeheim, marktag 5

Chapter Two

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