Warhammer RPG: A NEW AGE

Intoduction summary

Part 1-3

Part1: A investigate goblins whereabout in neighbouring village. The sergeant that commanded the party was killed after trying to ambush the Goblins.

Part2: The PC hears rumors about children being snatched away. Children that none cares about or dont missing. A known robbery from Middenland have target persons in the area of Salzenmund.
The pc get a mission from the commander to investigate disappearences of villagers in a village 2 days away. They get the assignment since the abduction of people can be connected to elves and the party has one elf among them. The PC discover an dryad behind the vanishing of villagers.

The PC are getting an assignment to collect tax from a village 3 days away. The village had one elf controllant there as well and have not sent the report yet that usually comes every month. The pc reach the village but it is deserted and two bodies are found covered by strange slime and worms. The PC discovers that the whole village has got an disease that killed everyone but after finding notes in a doctors home they found clues that it probably not a accident. On the way back to Hargendorf they stumble on 2 persons a girl around 25 and a older sigmar priest around 30 that was chased by bandits. The pc helps them but the two persons was uncounsious by wounds and exhaustion.


Jens_rosander Jens_rosander

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