Rules Revision

Rules Changed/House Rules:

Fortune points
We have changed that every game meeting it is renew instead of every day.

Experience Rewards

  • Ending Chapter Exp 30-40
  • Meeting Exp 10
  • Objectives Exp 10-15 each
  • Role Playing EXp 0-40
  • Encounters Exp 5
  • Major Encounter Exp 30
  • Diary Exp 5-15
  • Nomination of player: Exp 5-20

Trading Base table prices


  • Table shows base prices. This differs from place to place and season affects as well.
  • Selling/buying Goods- usually a opposed skill test. If seller wins then you sell it for 100% of the base prices plus 10% for each degree of success. If buyer wins means he buy for 50% plus -10% for each degree of success.

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Rules Revision

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