Sigmar Cult

The cult is the official state religion of The Empire and is almost universally recognised.

Ulric Cult

Worshipped by warriors and soldiers. Follower is strongest in the north of the Empire, but his cult is found in other parts of the Old World. Middenheim is the heart of his cult.

Verena Order

Order of law, knowledge are common worshiped among the nobility, scholars and similar adminstrative works. The order are everywhere in Empire.

Shallya Order

Shallya protects against miscarriages and eases the pain of childbirth. She is an exceptionally important goddess throughout the Old World. People pray to Shallya all the time: when they are suffering from an illness, when they are hoping to have children, or when they are looking for forgiveness for their sins. Of all the gods, she is the only one who most people agree really listens. Shallya is worshipped throughout the Old World. Her temples are places of comfort for the sick, wounded, dying and homeless.

Morr Order

Although priests of Morr are found throughout the Old World wherever there are dead to be taken care of, his is not a religion which is practised widely. Most people pay homage to Morr during funerals and avoid his cult the rest of the time.


Elite troop only serving the Emperor and they are his personal bodyguards and protects the Emeror’s castle as well.

Knights of the white wolf

The templars of Ulric are called Knights of the white wolf. They defends the city Middenheim.


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