Stahl Panzermann

Played by: Johan Hoberg



Quiet, friendly and easy-going blacksmith. Born in Middenland and a staunch supporter of Elector Count Boris Todbringer, the Sigmarite (and to a lesser extent the Ulrican) faith, and a structured, ordered way of life, where everyone knows their place in society.

Strong, but not a fighter. Intelligent, but not a scholar. Friendly, but not a merchant. He makes weapons and armour, and keeps to himself, even if he enjoys the company of friends from time to time.

His mentor and adoptive father Heinrich Panzermann is a retired master blacksmith consulting trading houses in Marienburg, while Stahl has travelled the countryside since his master’s retirement, looking for odd jobs, and a way to make a living.

During the Storm of Chaos he was drafted into the local miltia, but did not see any actual combat, as he was working as a blacksmith, and his unit was spared from any actual engagements.

Stahl Panzermann was born 2502 IC and is 28 years old.


Stahl Panzermann

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