Katharina Von Sierklass

Captain Status: Alive


Started her Carrer as a soldier. During Storm of Chaos her company was stationed in Untergardt during the beast-men attack to take over the bridge that split the city in two halves. Most of the company was killed and she was charged to keep order in Untergardt with the remaining forces mostly merchenaries and civilians while the main army continued to Middenheim. She took command over the merchenaries and lead them to Ostland where Elector Raukov needed manpower to remove the chaos leftovers.
During the incident of uprising in Ferlangen her company was the frontal force to scout the enemies recources. Which lead to half of the regiment was destroyed. After the uprising in Ostland was settled she and the left of her company was hired in Nordland Hargendorfs count Baron Gunther von Hargenfels for maintaining order and secure the area occupyed by the elfves.


Katharina Von Sierklass

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