Warhammer RPG: A NEW AGE

Chapter 2: Middenheim a carnivale

Part 1
The pc arrives to Middenheim and leave the Lisbeth’s wagon because of long que of wagons entering the city. Lisbeth gives her adress so if the pc want to they can contact reach her. In the middle of the path the pc are stoped by militias that thinks one of the PC are the wanted chaos cultist “Matteus Grunberger”. After a man can be a withhunter arrives and says that the pc are not the wanted person, the militias let them continue.
At the sigmar temple they are greeted by head priest Werner stolz and another reiksguard person callled Mattias schwarz.
The pc meet a strange and provocated person that offer them wine, his name are Malcom Bienhoff. He is a wandering merchant but at the same time to being an information brooker. The PC also meet a group of halfing’s that sells pie at the carnivale, the green thistle clan and are from Bögenhafen.

The pc continue to investigate Klaus orrlieb whereabouts and find a old adress, at his place they found dirt and bodies. The bodies seem newly killed but they are also affected by sickness and mutations. In the basement something big has destroyed the floor and crawl up through the sewers. The pc discover one barrel are missing and handout 4 (see handout section).

The pc return to the inn to plan what the next step are.

Part 2

The PC split up stahl go and inform mattias schwartz what is happening that promise to tell Werner stolz but also ask Stahl to contact city watch commander Ulrich schutzmann. At the same time a murder attempt on mattias schwarts are interrupted by someone who can control shadows. The other players get two see a girl beat an kislevian fighter in arm wrestling and she seems to join the minotaur fight.

Next day the pc go to the commission to understand what information can be told among the elves and dwarfs. One of the players meets his sister and get more information about elves in the forest will in the future close the borders. The pc gets information about an sewer jack unit that knows the area where they found the plague house. The pc joins the team into the sewers and catacombs. In the depths they found spavins and get into a fight with them. The found an barrel that contains a corpse with sickness.

Part 3
The pc return to sewer jacks head quarters and meet commander schutzmann. He give them free tickets to one of the following events minotuar fight or snotball tournaments wort 40 gc. The pc return to the inn and later go to the beer festival, here they meet a lot of people, lisbeth schleiermacher that seems to know a lot about religious cultists. Malcom Bienhoff comes as well and meet up a kislevian called boris and another guy that is called Hans mittag.
The next day the players split up, the dwarf meet up the dwarfs, patrin go and visit his relatives that seems to be in the city. The elf meet up his sister and the elf envoy rallane and the last person meets Morgan dusselhein that seems to be an mentor for Renata von reissen and Klas Orlieb.

Part 4
The players meet up the serees and take her around the festivale. Her brother seemed to have got another assignment and is heading east. The players go to the minotaur fight and see some faces in the public. A strange doctor figure with red colours are seen at the scene but vanish. The lounge beside the players start screaming and shout, disturbing the players. So they go and talk to them, one of the persons in the lounge seems to be drug affected and extremely violent. He tries to attack the players but is dealt with quickly. The minotuar fight start and are won by Rosie the pit fighter. At the same time it seems a thief have roamed around and taken belongings from different lounges. After minotaur fight the players go to the beer festival before they split up. Two of them take responisibility to take Mathilda back to the temple. While the other three are meeting up Thantalon the elven lord. Here the get some information about a prophesy and some more detail information what happened during the revolt in Ostland 8 years ago. At the same time a group of sigmar soldiers with Werner Stolz pick up mathilda. Later it is revelead that it was fraud and someone else than Werner Stolz picked up the serees.

Part 5
The players are splitting up for getting clues about where Mathilda is. At the same time a rumour about the female pitfighter that defeated the minotaur has disappeared as well without collecting her prize money over 200 gc. The players meet up lisbeth schleiermacher who gives them two names one are the witch hunter Uto Konig that seems to have tracked down a chaos cultist group in middenheim and another Krieke Van der Weyden that can have information. However PC tries to contact the witch hunters by using Mattias schwarz. He has at this time survived an second murder attempt and he agrees to let the players meet the witch hunter Johannes that also seems to be an old contact to Mattias. The PC get also information that the Sigmar head priest Werner stolz are blaming the ulric church for having kidnaped the Mathilda. But Mattias think more it is another party that is behind this.
The pc meet Johannes and he agrees to let them join the raid against an cultist head quarters.

The pc also meet up the trader Malcom and he agrees for information to check up the ulrich church and see if they really are involved in mathildas kidnapping.

The pc tries to sneak into the cultists headquarter by using an sidedoor while the witch hunters and thier armed men go through the front door. Inside the building the pc run into two mutants and then suddenly a strange creature appears that when opened it’s moutch a flame of fire hit them. They ran away only to stumbled into another strange creature with purple shimmering light that through some kind of magic against them. Another mutants appeared and the fight was heavy until suddenly a big roar heard from the floor below. Then suddenly big fast steps running towards the players before a big bull head face appeared. It looked as cross between man, minotaur and deamon. The creature had black wings appearing from it’s back and was read in its skin colour. The creature made the stiff of terror and continue on leaving pc. Then suddenly the players could hear a crash and scream and the building was shaking again. The pc fled and ran outside to the street, here they could see the red minotaur flying and chasing a strange person with a masked, red clothes and flying on a disc. The two figures vanish outside Middenheims walls. The witch hunter Uto konig appears, only him and two other soldiers seems to have survived. A lot of flamed bodies are found and it Johannes was one of them. When searching the building they found an wounded Matteus Grunberger and a note but no Matilda. Afterwards the witch hunters says that pc should come by the Sigmar church.

Part 6
The PC are Morgan Dusselheins clinic and get treated when Thantalions bodyguard appears and exchange document with Morgan. It seems having something to do with collect best doctors to prevent a coming storm. The PC returns to Sigmar temple where Uto Konig have left an reward for them. PC convince Uto konig to let them see Mattheus Grunberger that is being tortured. The don´t get any information about Mathildas whereabout’s. They seem to aim to remove Mattias schwartz because a leader had a vision as long the reiksguard captain lives the cult will never succed with thier plan. The pc decides it is time to visit Krieke Van der weyden, after negotiations they make a deal. Krieke will let the pc get first news about Mathildas location if they work with her when they go to Nuln. The deal are that within 24 hours mathilda will be located. Afterwards the pc went to Templar of arms to try to warn Matthias schwartz about the cult intentions. Here they meet Malcom that say’s that Ulric seems innocent in the disappearance of Mathilda.

Part 7

After spending some time at Beer festival the players are trying to get in contact with lisbeth but she is away somewhere in the southgate-ostwald area. Why she is in the low and dirty part of the city is a question. The pc walk over there and tries to find her, however they noticed they are followed by someone that is shadowing them from the roof. They split up trying to catch the spying person when two children run out frightened from an alley a man with piercing and tattos, wearing an armour are chasing them. One of them are cut in two by his axe before the players can interfere. The fight are short but Patrin realise the children are his fathers brothers children. The boy survive but are affected by terror, at the same time the elf thinks he saw Lisbeth butler/servant in an alley observing them but he disappears. Patrin joins his family while other the others went back to templars arms. They are offered beer and wine by a hooded man that seemed to have drugged the drinks. He wants to know about Kriekes hideout but fail to get any information and leaves before Patrin comes back. The pc return to bed and fall alsleep. The next day everyone realise that the room has been searched through and half of all gold has disappeared. After breakfast the PC get an message from Krieke van der weyden about an adress. They go there and find Boris and Hans mittag waiting on them, seems they were sent to be backup. According to them the seress are in basement of an old tavern. The pc broke into the house and start a fight with mutants, they found mathilda in a coma state and she is whispering the same sentence over and over again. “The chosen souls are gathering their followers only one will be standing”. The pc finds an handout as well see section handouts for this information before leaving the place and leave mathilda at the sigmar tempe.

Part 8

The characters tries to find mattias schwartz and tell him about what has happened but instead they see Lisbeth butler and follow him. He go to a tavern and stay there seems observing the place. The players split up and observe the butler from different spots. Suddenly someone are thrown out from the balcony second floor and land on the bar with blood flooding out. 2 men in strange armour and tattoes starts going berserk in kill people randomly in the tavern.
The players succeded to stop the bloodbath and finds more of the strange liquid they seen before. They find lisbeth later and ask directly what her motives are, she explains that she has an interest in the prophesy and she seems to have clues that one cult will try to create a bloodbath in middenheim. At the same time one of the pc are threatened by a hodded man with a knife and asked strange question, “Whree is my sister!” and similar. Before the man could continue he was attacked by an falcon and he ran away only to be stunned by a another black hodded man. When the players start to join they are interupted by malcom that steps directly in thier way. In the background the pc can see Boris and Hans mittag join the black man and take away the hodded man.
When asked why malcom stopped them, he said this is not your business. But if you want to know try to talk with Krieke van der Weyden.

Part 9
The players go to Krieke Van der weyden for getting answers. But they only get more questions and soon realise that the pit fighter woman that disappeared and the cat thief are connected somehow. The pc question the whole situation and go to city watch commander Schutzmann that takes the information but don´t seem to do anything with it. The pc meet Morgan Dusselheim and get an report that the drug they found has several unknown ingredients that he has not seen more. He give them a name Graf’s personal doctor that has take care of some of the victims of the drug.
Luigi Pavarotti is his name adn pc find him at an exclusive club however he can only say that the drug seems to have appear two or three months before. The drug seems to have some kind of permanent damage on the victims. He have rumors about an Crime boss that usually deals with drugs on the market, Edam Gouda. At the same time the PC sees Krieke and schutzmann together at the club and start an scene. Krieke takes the players to the head quarteer and they meet an berserk mutant humanoid cat and the pit fighter both chained in the basement.
The player characters goes to the next city area where probably the chaos cultists will hit next and take positions when they discover lisbeth’s butler appear and vanished into the back streets. The pc follows and arrive to an old warehouse, here they find several people that seems affected by the drug and a battle starts. The butler are killed in this fight.


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