Warhammer RPG: A NEW AGE

Capter one

The road to Middenheim

The PC get to know the strangers that they saved a girl called Mathilda and her brother Barnabas. It seems that they need to reach Middenheim as soon as possible and in secret.

Ulric order are not allowed to know only Sigmar temple. The elf realise that the arrows that hit the sigmar priest are made by elfs and can only be used by a certain elf bow.
The party pepare a wagon with cargo to use as disguise and start the trip. The first night they stay at an inn. The elf thinks they are followed by a bird “Falcon”.
At the evening during the full moon, a second moon appears (never seen before) and both moons become read.
Mathilda become stiffed and her eyes becomes white and starts to mumble a quote: “The followers of blood are moving- Final celebration will honour the blood god”

The party succeds to calm people and but everyone feels a strange feeling and unease.
The next day the pc starts to question Mathilda and Barnabas and it seems there is a old prophesy that foresee the end of Empire. The prophecy seems to be hidden somewhere in Sigmar cult organisation and only a few knows about it.
Mathilda can be the connection how to solve the prophecy.

Part 2
The players meet a strange traveller that are selling potions, his name are Jekil and seems to be based in Altdorf. He is travelling in north part collecting herbs. He joins the players for one day. The night the players are staying at a fortified inn and get more information about middenheim and the festivale.
Later during the night the pc are attacked and they lost their wagon with the goods when the building are burned down. They succeed to hold of the attackers and they got information the attackers were after Mathilda to bring her to an elf that had hired them. The pc realise as well that someone help them during the attack but that person did´t show himself. The next days the pc continue towards Middenheim and stumble into a noble lady that has problems with her wagon. The pc helps her and get a ride towards middenheim. Her name are Lisbeth schleiermacher. A couple of hours before middenheim the party stumble into a bloodbath. Several people been murdered or butchered in a terrifing way.

And that ends chapter one.


Jens_rosander Jens_rosander

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